Mods to try in older versions

9th Nov, 2022

Mods to try in older versions

Many fans will know that the much-awaited Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update has arrived and is expected to be available before the year ends.

The 1.18 update promises excitement and will include entirely new world generation mechanics that allow for more diverse terrain.

While the 1.18 update is something to look forward too, there are still many things to do. While gamers wait for the big update, they can still check out five of the most popular Minecraft mods below.


AppleSkin, a simple mod for Minecraft, is extremely popular with over 86 million downloads.

This mod aims to increase transparency in Minecraft's hunger mechanics. This mod displays clearly food hunger saturation statistics so that players can easily account for it.

This helps players make better decisions about which foods they eat and how much money to save.

4) WorldEdit

WorldEdit is a popular building tool that allows you to easily make large edits in Minecraft.

This mod allows players to greatly accelerate their Minecraft building abilities as it eliminates much of the manual labor associated with large-scale builds.

It is a valuable skill to learn the basics of WorldEdit. Players can make mass edits on any map they choose, and can also import builds from the web using the built-in schematic system.

3) The Twilight Forest

This mod is a great choice for Minecraft Horror fans. It has been downloaded over 55 million times. This makes it the most downloaded horror Minecraft mod.

This mod is over six years old but it is constantly updated with new content every few months.

2) Just Enough Items

This mod can be added to any Minecraft modpack and allows players to quickly access all Minecraft client-registered items and recipes.

This is more useful than the standard Minecraft creative menu because it automatically includes any mods or modpacks added items and recipes. This small, but useful mod is a huge success. It has been downloaded almost 140 million times.

1) Sodium

Although Sodium doesn't add any new gameplay content to Minecraft 1.18, it is a good mod to have before that official release.

For those unaware, Sodium is one of the most popular Minecraft performance-enhancing mods and can dramatically improve game performance. Sodium has been reported to increase FPS by more than 100% in some users.

Sodium, which will be included in Minecraft 1.18, is a must have for anyone with a lower-end computer.