Minecraft servers with guns

21st Nov, 2022

Minecraft servers with guns

Guns aren't a Minecraft feature. They have never been, and probably won't ever be. However, those who wish to add firearms to their blocky world are not out of luck.

Minecraft servers can utilize a variety of different server-side plugins to add guns right into the vanilla Minecraft client. This list includes Minecraft servers that have guns that players can use without mods.

Reiterating, you don't need a modified client to join these servers. Any regular Minecraft client can join all servers in this article.


Gun colony is a Minecraft server that focuses solely on the implementation of guns in various Minecraft game modes. Gun colony's firearms are more than just another game feature. The guns are the core of the entire server concept.

Gun colony claims that they are the best Minecraft servers for guns. Gun colony's gun plugin and mechanics were all developed entirely by them. Gun colony also designed and built all content related to guns for the server.

This server has incredible depth, which is amazing for a Minecraft server. Shooting guns on this server requires consideration of factors such as bullet drop and bullet spread, damage drop off, recoil, and bullet drop.

IP: guncolony.com


NavalBattleZone doesn't offer a standard Minecraft guns server. Among the many features offered by this server, the idea of simple guns might be the least impressive.

NavalBattleZone is a battleground that allows players to build, use, and customize their own aircraft carriers, tanks, and submarines. You can also operate AA guns or fire missiles.

It is amazing to think that all this can be done in Minecraft. But NavalBattleZone doesn't require players to download modified Minecraft clients to play it really sets it apart and solidifies its place on this list.

IP: play.navalbattlezone.net


HavocMC is an exclusive Minecraft server that has guns. This server's game mode is based on the idea that zombies are trying to take over the world. To defeat brain-hungry zombies, players must use guns on the server and advance in the story.

However, guns on HavocMC can be used to fight other zombie-surviving players in PvP. Players can take firearms that took hours to earn into the PvP zone and use them to fight it out until the end. It would be an understatement to describe HavocMC as intense.

IP: miningdead.com


MC Ball is a great example of a unique idea that works well on a Minecraft server. MC Ball's purpose is to allow paintballing in Minecraft. Paintball guns can be used by players to play classic games like capture-the flag and free-for-all.

MC Ball has a wide range of paintball guns that mimic real-life firearms. This allows for different play styles.

IP: mcball.com


Yom Network is a Minecraft server that's best known for its “InfectedRPG DayZ” mode. This mode allows players to embark on an epic story that involves them starting with nothing in a zombie-infested desert. Players can level up and fight off the zombie hordes using a variety of firearms.

Yom Network's unique feature is its wide range of weapons. Over 200 weapons are available on the server, including swords as well as nuclear bombs.

IP: play.yomnetwork.ca