Deep dark biome guide

26th Dec, 2022

Deep dark biome guide

Minecraft 1.19 will soon include the Deep Dark biome. This is the next major update for Minecraft 1.19, following the release of Caves and Cliffs in 2021.

Mojang is now focusing its attention on the 2022 update. One of its most striking features will be Deep Dark Biome.

It was originally scheduled to be released with the Caves and Cliffs update. However, Mojang delayed the release of the feature with the Minecraft 1.19 upgrade. They also explained that they were planning to increase the biome's size to further immerse players.

They gave fans a glimpse at the horror biome at the Minecraft Live event 2021.

All information about Deep Dark Biome will be available in Minecraft 1.19 Update

The Warden

The Warden mob is one of the most important features in Minecraft 1.19's Deep Dark biome. The Warden mob was originally set to release in Caves and Cliffs, but the developer delayed it to make room for expansion.

Because of its speed and strength, this mob is one of the most terrifying. Even though it is Minecraft's first blind mob, it can still kill players with two hits.

Sculk blocks

Minecraft 1.19 will introduce a new block type called sculk blocks. This new block is a mix of mysterious blocks. There are four types of sculk block:

Deep Dark Cities

Deep Dark Cities will be a new structure that will be available in Minecraft 1.19. This underground structure was briefly displayed at the Minecraft Live event 2021. This structure will contain the Warden, a chest loot that contains special items.