Creative ways to use enchantments in Minecraft

7th Jan, 2023

Creative ways to use enchantments in Minecraft

Minecraft players will always benefit from better weapons and armor. Enchanting items can improve their functionality. An enchanting table is a good place to do this. Enchant your equipment with enchanting books or an anvil.

Most enchantments are used to enhance certain aspects of items. Over the years, however, many creative uses of enchantments have been discovered by the Minecraft community.

Creative ways to use enchantments within Minecraft

1) Use Fire Aspect to light candles

Fire Aspect is an enchantment for swords that can set fire to the target when it's used. The Level 2 First Aspect Enchantment deals three and a quarter hearts of damage per hit, which can make a difference in whether a player wins or loses a fight.

Many players don't know that an item with Fire Aspect in Bedrock Edition can be used to light candles and TNT blocks as well as campfires.

2) Flying with a Riptide trident

Many Minecraft players have used this trick to fly in the rain or snowfall. They use a Riptide enchantment and a trident. Riptide, a trident-enchantment that launches players when they throw it, is called a trident enchantment.

This does not work in rainy or snowy conditions, nor when the player is submerged. Fall damage will be taken to the player who lands on a block solid. Feather Falling boots are recommended.

3) Gliding using a punchbow

Punch is an enchantment only available to bows used in the game. An entity experiences knockback when an arrow from a bow strikes it. Punch enchantment raises the base knockback of a bow by three blocks per level.

This trick can be difficult to master. Players can hit themselves with a punch enchantment bow and arrow. Punch enchantment creates a knockback effect that allows players to glide a bit longer by using elytra. Logdotzip has a guide that will help players learn how to do this.