2B2T has been devastated!

31st Jan, 2023

2B2T has been devastated!

Gritters exploited a bug that allowed them to track users and see recreations of the real world in real time, decimating 2B2T, the long-running and highly-publicized Minecraft server. Despite its huge popularity, glitches and exploits continue to be discovered. Recently, a Minecraft bug was discovered that causes players to die without any reason. It glitches out the End Portal, causing players to lose all their items.

There are many playstyles in Minecraft, some of which may be considered illegal and might not be accepted by the more professional players. There are many creative and intelligent players who can create amazing structures and worlds. Many of these structures can be built in creative mode which grants unlimited items and the ability for you to fly. However, one Minecraft player was capable of building a huge ocean base in survival mode.

An exploit that was complicated allowed griefers to take down the 2B2T server in Minecraft for many years without a fix being issued. The server in question is one of the oldest Minecraft servers according to Kotaku and has been continuously running for 11 years without ever been reset. The server is well-known for its chaotic nature. Players regularly attack each other, build offensive structures and post questionable content. FitMC, a YouTuber, has posted a new video explaining how Nerds Inc managed to cause havoc on other players for over three years.

Nerds Inc exploited an issue with the loading of terrain in-game. They expected that the server would fix the bug in a way that would allow them to track players' positions across the server. PC Gamer explains that the prediction was correct and allowed the group to collect terabytes (or more) of data. They were able to carry out extensive attacks, such as the destruction of structures that have been around for many years. The server administrator released a new fix. However, the information could still be used by griefers to create more problems.

Minecraft is a cultural phenomenon. It currently holds the record for most-sold video games of all time. Recently, Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris participated in a Minecraft playthrough alongside Quackity, a prominent streamer. They recreated scenes from the TV series and sold “meth” to other people who were in the server.

It is well-known in the Minecraft community that 2B2T is a hostile and harsh server. So it shouldn't surprise that it has been attacked. Veteran users won't be too upset, however, since chaos has ruled the server for 11 years.