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Minecraft, a sandbox-based game, was released more than a decade ago. It has been updated numerous times since then. Even though Minecraft is over a decade old, there are still a few glitches. TNT Duping is one of the most well-known bugs. Players have greatly benefited from it over the years. A TNT duper that keeps dropping TNT blocks can be made to automatically drop more TNT blocks until it is stopped by the player. Minecraft TNT Duper TNT dupers are not able to duplicate the TNT blocks. Instead, they create a new primed TNT block that is free of the original. They are immediately dropped from the duper because primed/ignited TNT block are affected by gravity. Making a TNT duper These are the steps: Step 1: Locate the ideal spot to make a TNT-duper. Otherwise, the TNT blocks could break the duper. Step 2: Next, place three blocks in an L-shaped shape. Then,…

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